My name is Ryan Carmody and I am a web developer and computer science tutor from Adelaide, South Australia.

I have a Bachelor of Computer Science from The University of Adelaide, and for about 2 years, I worked full-time for a local company as a web developer, mainly using Angular 2+. I enjoyed working at this company but was ready for something new.

In early 2022, I left my job and took a job tutoring at my local university. I can now say, I seriously LOVE tutoring. I really enjoy building meaningful relationships with students and seeing them develop their coding skills. Also, since I started tutoring, I have started working on many more personal coding projects. This has enabled me to learn new skills, such as Next.js, Web Scraping, Twitter API and much more.

In February 2023, I sold my online game, WhereTaken to MPL Enterprises and now work for them making enhancements to the game, as well as work on other gaming projects.

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